You're not meant to figure out life on your own. You can be extremely successful regarding your career, finances or status, but if a relationship is not going well or you're not feeling your strong self, it's hard to enjoy life. If you identify with any of the situations listed below, counseling can help.

  • You're feeling sad, discouraged or anxious
  • You aren't getting along with someone you care about
  • You still love your significant other, but you feel like you're growing apart
  • You're not sure if you still love each other
  • You've just had a baby and life isn't as easy as it used to be
  • You or your partner has cheated
  • You've lost someone important to you and you can't seem to move on

In counseling you and I will identify what needs to change. We'll set realistic goals to make it happen. You'll learn to use tools and strategies that will help you feel strong, confidant, cherished, and connected - to those you love and to yourself.

What are your benefits in working with me?

  • a seasoned therapist (licensed since 1999)
  • extensive training with the best relationship experts:
    • Terry Real
    • Michele Weiner Davis
    • Lisa Merlo Booth
    • Bill Doherty
  • someone who understands the ups and downs of a long term relationship (married since 1985)
  • someone who lives the joys and struggles of parenting

Life is full of challenges. But you can have hope. I can help. Give me a call or shoot me an email. Together we'll find a way forward.

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